Working those One-der Skeins

OK, with this recent donation of great yarn skeins, I suppose I have to officially admit to now having a stash. As I’m finishing two charity blankets, an intarsia blanket and ball baby gift, and ramping up to tackle the EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket, I have been weaving in ways to stash-bust these great single skeins using Judith durant’s 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. As I paged through the book, several projects caught my eye. The Elegant and Easy Tie on page 104 featured a ball of Rowan Tapestry (#175-70% wool 30% soysilk) that is very handsome: bluey-grey and subtly gradated. It looked familiar. Could it be? I rushed to my new stash and, yes, not only do I have the yarn brand but it is the exact colorway. Yay! Cast on and was half done an hour later. Whoa, quick! I may do several of these ties for me and for gifts. Gotta bust this burgeoning stash!I’ll vary the design to try out some new cables, stitches, etc. and be able to display my handiwork. Also, maybe this is the good project to work on my quest for teaching myself Continental. I know what to do but it just feels so damn awkward! I have to persevere to gain speed but it is very frustrating . . . I’ll conquer this as I am tired of being such a slow knitter. Process is pleasing but progress is potent!  


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