Ghost Cable On My Table

I’m having a love affair this week with ghost cables These simple and lovely cables, also called shadow cables, or broken cables, are really fragments of cable that begin to join and then disappear in a very elegant way. I found a whole bunch of recycled ecru-colored wool/nylon yarn and decided to do a diagonal lap blanket for those chilly autumn evenings coming up. 

Here’s how much I have so far, about a quarter finished, at 84 stitches in. I’m a big fan of “in-between-go-to” projects like these quick diagonal throws.

Ghost Cable Room Throw so far

Ghost Cable Room Throw so far








And here’s a close-up of the wandering ghost, the broken shadow cable:

Ghost Cable Close-up

Ghost Cable Close-up

Let me tell you the easy and beautiful pattern for the Shadow Cable Room Throw. Looks complicated but interesting, fast, easy, and fun! More later on this . . .


New Day, New FO, New News

OK, just got back from the dentist. Not so bad. I found a good one. In Japan, there is a hesitency to administer more than a minimum amount of anesthesia. Now, I don’t mind drilling, cleaning, shots, even extensive bone work. However, I HATE nerve pain! I may be a bit of a  hypochondriac but I am not a masochist! Give me that anesthetic. Lots of it. Numb me till I drool. Anyway, I made all this irritatingly clear to my new dentist and he and I have an understanding: he’ll give me a double dose of the elephant tranquilizer and I won’t pitch a loud, embarrassing, shit fit in the dental chair (and he knows that I’m the type who will) Yes, I think that’s a fair exchange . . .

Stayed up late last night (like every night this summer) and finished the Ariel Scarf Turned Ariel Hat. I’m calling it the Ariel Mermaid Hat or the “Poor Man’s Pomatomus,” a tribute to Cookie A’s magical and popular Pomatomus Socks that are fish-scaly and wonderful but a lot harder than this easy lace pattern. The hat came out pretty well, I think. and, yes, I will definitely make the matching scarf for it at some point. I was going to do a ribbing at the bottom of the hat but I like how the gentle curves of the pattern frame the face . . . kinda mermaid-like, no? Probably a good idea to omit the ribbing also because the top of the hat already is absorbing the curves from the other side so maybe forcing the curves into a straight line on the bottom as well would give too much pucker . . .) Here’s a pic or two of the hat:

Poor Man's Pomatomus

Ariel Mermaid Hat

Ariel Mermaid Hat, or The Poor Man's Pomatomus

Poor Pomatomus

Finally, good news: Alana from the new and very listenable Nevernotknitting knitting blog and podcast (on iTunes) has accepted my essay on early knitting traumas (See Knit Training page in this blog)! Yay! She will read it on the air in a few weeks (her show is every two weeks and there are some other entries as well . . .). Will note here when she will air it when I find out.

Now to BSJ and my new Shadow Cables Winter Room Throw.

Fresh Look, Fresh Memory

New look for the blog! I decided the other one was too dark and Goth, scarin’ sum knitters away (I know you Goth knitters out there didn’t object but think about it, white is just as scary as black: pale porcelain skin, death shrouds, etc. etc.) Also, the type was too small and hard to read so this one (called “Dairy,” gives a pop to the pics . . . better than black even) is an improvement.

Today I wrote up a memory I had from my very first project. This was prompted by a call for knitting essays from Alana of the Nevernotknitting Podcast. (She and her stunningly GREEN Ravelympics sweater top can be found at She is an elegant and precise knitter with many lovely projects. Go see! Also check out her podcast. It’s one of the good ones, polished and well-organized and chock full of info and wry fun.) I submitted it (the essay) to Alana and she will either use it, or not , as she wishes.

The essay is called A Bad Beginning for an Untrained Train KnitterIt’s a dramatic recounting of my first knitting project, one that was ill-conceived, bit the dust, and met a tragic fate. Go to Knit Training to read the full terrible account!

Gnit Gnews: I didn’t have much time to work on the Ariel Scarf but it is now officially becoming the Ariel Hat.  We’ll see how the curved sides pucker up, should be interesting and cool (I hope). Was able to join the ends after seven repeats and will pick up the stitches tonight (I’m usually up until 4 or 5 am) or tomorrow during the day. Will connect the top and band soon.

Have to go to the dentist tomorrow for some harrowing jaw drilling so the knitting may be a comfort? I used to looooove going to the dentist but lately I’m not having as much fun . . .

I think I have decided to do a creamy room throw with Shadow Cables out of my recycled yarn.  More on that later. Gotta keep moving on the BSJ.

Some Recommended Knitting Communities

I’ve been having a ball (of yarn) at the Live Journal knitting Communities! Knitting is the techniques, advice community filled with experienced, generous, and very funny knitters, whereas Knitting Chat is the “virtual S & B ” where any kind of rant or musing is discussed. I really recommend these two groups for knowledge and fiber fun!

BSJ Progress

OK, so I’ve been cranking away on the Baby Surprise Jacket but did get just a bit sidetracked by a certain Ariel Scarf I’ve been dallying with. Here is the BSJ at about 35% completion:



Really enjoying the EZ classic colors of silver and “lovet” (a deep heather-green). This is gonna be a fast knit and a prelude for the Adult Surprise Jacket. 

Ariel pattern in Filatura di crosa

Ariel pattern in Filatura di Crosa


Ariel in Filatura di Crosa

Ariel in Filatura di Crosa

The Ariel pattern  by Ysolda Original Patterns is beautiful—feminine and undulating— and I think lends itself well to Filatura di Crosa, my favorite mohair yarn. The color: aqua/teal shading into purple/indigo. The weight: fingering, so light project. The feel on the skin: fuzzy and haloed and soft as buttah. To tell the truth I was thinking of knitting up a scarf with it but maybe Ill do that later . . . Right now I may knit two more repeats of the pattern, join the CO and BO rows, pick up stitches, and turn this into a sporty/sexy winter hat for my sporty sexy partner 😀 Will work on that tomorrow if I have time. It’ll really just be an afternoon of knitting to do this.  Maybe this will be the project that gets a thumbs up.

My other offerings have been, shall we say, less than favorably received . . . 😦 The woes of a knitter among muggles . . .

Another project I want to do is a room throw with my new creamy recycled yarn (I found!) that will give me a chance to try out the Shadowed Cable stitches from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

So much knitting, so little time!

A New Knitter’s List

When you were a new knitter, did you ever:

  • buy a kit at your LYS because the florescent plastic needles included “looked cool”?
  • seriously try to knit with said blunt needles?
  • buy yarn because it was “cheap and cheerful”?
  • seriously try knitting with said yarn, even completing a project?
  • buy a set of DPNs thinking that it was such a better deal than just the two straights?
  • try to re-furbish a bagful of moldy, musty yarn given you by a friend?
  • think a YO included the subsequent knit (usually) stitch, thus forever throwing charts and directions off? (This has been traced by some to the confusing knitting instructions in Stitch and Bitch and Stitch and Bitch Nation.)
  • sit on a knitting needle? . . . dull crack!

Any other funny newbie antics?

FOs and KWWB!

Summer rocks! Am burning through projects that I had on the needles forever. 

1) Finished the knitted ties (but decided to frog one-ugly yarn-threw yarn away :)). Ditto the cotton Lace Cap. Not wild about the sheddy cotton-Comfy by Knit Picks. Was KWWB (Knitting While Wearing Black) during the knitting of this and got up looking like a lint bomb exploded in my lap! 😀

Love the new pattern i found for a swirly scarf—Ariel—have done about three of the eighteen row repeats in my favorite soft Filatura di crosa mohair (teal/aqua!). Really gorgeous. Also have tried a repeat or two in Knit Picks Cotlin (Island Coral). Will stick with the mohair  and make a scarf or a shawl. . . Made some toys.  Watched DVD to prepare for Baby Surprise Jacket. Casting this on today? tomorrow?

2) Have organized my yarn, my upcoming projects and my Ravelry page (  Fun!

3) Have been coming across yarn to recycle (see previous post). Environmental!

4) Have looked at some old abandoned projects and thought about whether to plunge back in or send any to the frog pond.

Candidate #1-Basketweave scarf on florescent plastic needles. Yarn hard scratchy acrylic. Kind of sentimental. Learned how to purl on this . . . 

Candidate #2- Another basketweave scarf on florescent plastic needles. This yarn was metallic and very nylon stocking snaggy . . . These needles very irritating. Also, yarn irritating because of constant snagging on any slight hand roughness. Knit too loosely and  droopily. yeah, I may send this one away.

Candidate #3- Socks on size 2 metallic circs. Too fiddly. Beautiful Rowen yarn, wine with bits of gold, but kind of splitty. Have lost place in pattern. Have lost pattern 🙂 Hmmmm.

Oh well, I’m having fun with my stuff! More later on upcoming projects and ideas.

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