Yarn Score!

Grades finished and turned in! Summer here with a vengeance! Nothing to do for two months but suck popsicles and knit! Heaven!

Now, like many a knitter before me has immoderately professed, I love nice yarn. However, I am not a yarn snob at all. In deed, I am a big fan of acrylic blends and even fun fur (in moderation, of course). Soooo, not wanting to spend much money on undesignated or vaguely-conceived projects, and not much wanting to build up much of a stash, I regularly cruise the recycle shops for hand-knitted sweaters that deserve a new lease on life via recyled yarn. Last week, bingo! Creamy clean white wool (60%) with acrylic (40%) —just enough to give it a bit of shine, bulky, nubby. Huge! (No one in my house is anything like huge . . . if anything, we’re all kind of skinny . . .) Lots of yarn for charity blanket knitting. Also, seams were not serged, so froggable. Snap! Perfect.

I should say that it is now 36 degrees C (97 F) here in Yokohama so this unloved treasure was in the “Free” bin.  Can’t beat that. I should say that this sweater was really knit quite beautifully with very intricate cabling, but as mentioned, huge, and also with a super-ugly immense cowl neck that screamed “I knit this in 1984!”  The effect is “Kilroy was here”—eyes and nose peeking over a large wool wall. Flattering to whom? No one could have worn this without invoking severe fashion police penalties. Do the world a favor and get thee to The Frogpond!

So, I did. Ummm . . should have photographed the sweater before ripping. But, alas, forgot. Remembered after snipping all seams. At least you can see the nicely knitted pieces pre-froggery: 

PreFrogged unseamed

PreFrogged unseamed

Hauled out the ball winder and vacuum cleaner (lots of little snips and threads!) and spent a pleasant thirty minutes making like Kermit. The result:

Loot of the Yarn Varlot

Loot of the Yarn Varlot

Were thirty minutes ever more well-spent? Thousands of yen worth of yarn for free. Not to mention the hours of knitting pleasure.


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