FOs and KWWB!

Summer rocks! Am burning through projects that I had on the needles forever. 

1) Finished the knitted ties (but decided to frog one-ugly yarn-threw yarn away :)). Ditto the cotton Lace Cap. Not wild about the sheddy cotton-Comfy by Knit Picks. Was KWWB (Knitting While Wearing Black) during the knitting of this and got up looking like a lint bomb exploded in my lap! 😀

Love the new pattern i found for a swirly scarf—Ariel—have done about three of the eighteen row repeats in my favorite soft Filatura di crosa mohair (teal/aqua!). Really gorgeous. Also have tried a repeat or two in Knit Picks Cotlin (Island Coral). Will stick with the mohair  and make a scarf or a shawl. . . Made some toys.  Watched DVD to prepare for Baby Surprise Jacket. Casting this on today? tomorrow?

2) Have organized my yarn, my upcoming projects and my Ravelry page (  Fun!

3) Have been coming across yarn to recycle (see previous post). Environmental!

4) Have looked at some old abandoned projects and thought about whether to plunge back in or send any to the frog pond.

Candidate #1-Basketweave scarf on florescent plastic needles. Yarn hard scratchy acrylic. Kind of sentimental. Learned how to purl on this . . . 

Candidate #2- Another basketweave scarf on florescent plastic needles. This yarn was metallic and very nylon stocking snaggy . . . These needles very irritating. Also, yarn irritating because of constant snagging on any slight hand roughness. Knit too loosely and  droopily. yeah, I may send this one away.

Candidate #3- Socks on size 2 metallic circs. Too fiddly. Beautiful Rowen yarn, wine with bits of gold, but kind of splitty. Have lost place in pattern. Have lost pattern 🙂 Hmmmm.

Oh well, I’m having fun with my stuff! More later on upcoming projects and ideas.


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