A New Knitter’s List

When you were a new knitter, did you ever:

  • buy a kit at your LYS because the florescent plastic needles included “looked cool”?
  • seriously try to knit with said blunt needles?
  • buy yarn because it was “cheap and cheerful”?
  • seriously try knitting with said yarn, even completing a project?
  • buy a set of DPNs thinking that it was such a better deal than just the two straights?
  • try to re-furbish a bagful of moldy, musty yarn given you by a friend?
  • think a YO included the subsequent knit (usually) stitch, thus forever throwing charts and directions off? (This has been traced by some to the confusing knitting instructions in Stitch and Bitch and Stitch and Bitch Nation.)
  • sit on a knitting needle? . . . dull crack!

Any other funny newbie antics?


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