BSJ Progress

OK, so I’ve been cranking away on the Baby Surprise Jacket but did get just a bit sidetracked by a certain Ariel Scarf I’ve been dallying with. Here is the BSJ at about 35% completion:



Really enjoying the EZ classic colors of silver and “lovet” (a deep heather-green). This is gonna be a fast knit and a prelude for the Adult Surprise Jacket. 

Ariel pattern in Filatura di crosa

Ariel pattern in Filatura di Crosa


Ariel in Filatura di Crosa

Ariel in Filatura di Crosa

The Ariel pattern  by Ysolda Original Patterns is beautiful—feminine and undulating— and I think lends itself well to Filatura di Crosa, my favorite mohair yarn. The color: aqua/teal shading into purple/indigo. The weight: fingering, so light project. The feel on the skin: fuzzy and haloed and soft as buttah. To tell the truth I was thinking of knitting up a scarf with it but maybe Ill do that later . . . Right now I may knit two more repeats of the pattern, join the CO and BO rows, pick up stitches, and turn this into a sporty/sexy winter hat for my sporty sexy partner 😀 Will work on that tomorrow if I have time. It’ll really just be an afternoon of knitting to do this.  Maybe this will be the project that gets a thumbs up.

My other offerings have been, shall we say, less than favorably received . . . 😦 The woes of a knitter among muggles . . .

Another project I want to do is a room throw with my new creamy recycled yarn (I found!) that will give me a chance to try out the Shadowed Cable stitches from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

So much knitting, so little time!


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