Fresh Look, Fresh Memory

New look for the blog! I decided the other one was too dark and Goth, scarin’ sum knitters away (I know you Goth knitters out there didn’t object but think about it, white is just as scary as black: pale porcelain skin, death shrouds, etc. etc.) Also, the type was too small and hard to read so this one (called “Dairy,” gives a pop to the pics . . . better than black even) is an improvement.

Today I wrote up a memory I had from my very first project. This was prompted by a call for knitting essays from Alana of the Nevernotknitting Podcast. (She and her stunningly GREEN Ravelympics sweater top can be found at She is an elegant and precise knitter with many lovely projects. Go see! Also check out her podcast. It’s one of the good ones, polished and well-organized and chock full of info and wry fun.) I submitted it (the essay) to Alana and she will either use it, or not , as she wishes.

The essay is called A Bad Beginning for an Untrained Train KnitterIt’s a dramatic recounting of my first knitting project, one that was ill-conceived, bit the dust, and met a tragic fate. Go to Knit Training to read the full terrible account!

Gnit Gnews: I didn’t have much time to work on the Ariel Scarf but it is now officially becoming the Ariel Hat.  We’ll see how the curved sides pucker up, should be interesting and cool (I hope). Was able to join the ends after seven repeats and will pick up the stitches tonight (I’m usually up until 4 or 5 am) or tomorrow during the day. Will connect the top and band soon.

Have to go to the dentist tomorrow for some harrowing jaw drilling so the knitting may be a comfort? I used to looooove going to the dentist but lately I’m not having as much fun . . .

I think I have decided to do a creamy room throw with Shadow Cables out of my recycled yarn.  More on that later. Gotta keep moving on the BSJ.


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