Frogged Catsass, Emergency Vestwork!

Whoa! Busy! School hit with a vengeance. (Yes, we start school first week of October . . .) Very full schedule but have virtual knitted every day. That is, I think of the knitting and knit it in my head, which is surprisingly unproductive on the actual needles. Go figure. Frogged the Catsass Shawl to harvest the sparkly yarn for a vest.  Here’s why: that yarn is a bitch to knit with. (no names but it’s La Moda Nera Uno) Jet black, wooley, thick and thin, very hard to knit. Almost put my eyes out trying to even cast on . . . So I threaded up my knitting machine and cranked out six separate panels of stockinette. Then I three-needle bound-off all panels. I’m now adjusting the arms and neck and i-cording the holes.  Finally, I’ll pick up stitches around the bottom and make a two-inch hem at the base to bring it all together. We’ll see if it all worked out. Pics will be coming!

Also, on the trail of a very handsome Argyle Vest as encouraged by Alana of the Nevernotknitting podcast. Alana, thank you for the inspiration!


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