New FOs and Mad Skills

Long time, no see.  Been knittin’ n workin’ n livin’. Finished new projects. First the Noro Seaming practice sweater:

Noro Practice Seaming Vest

Noro Practice Seaming Vest

Love seaming! Picking up stitches- not so much. Lack of technique?

Next up, this, the Arty Sparkle Sweater Vest:

Arty Sparkle Italian Vest

Arty Sparkle Italian Vest

detail of i-corded collar and sporty button

detail of i-corded collar and sporty button

This was a sale yarn from long ago. Lots of it. Black wool, thick and thin, with bits of iridescent sparkle. Fun, huh? No! A nightmare to knit. Splitty, couldn’t see it, … Finally I got tired of fighting with the knitting and decided to deep-six the whole binful by machine knitting a sweater vest. I machine-knit six panels, seamed them together, ribbed the bottom, i-corded free-form around the neck and armholes. Love the result. Warm vest. Learned a lot!

Next on to Forks in the Road from Guy Knits and then manfully forward to the Knee Length Coat. Recently inspired by news of a completed coat by Uvon of Ravelry. His looks really great. Can I do as well?


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