Readers Demand Full Disclosure!

After the last entry, reader Luneray incisively wrote in to say: 

What, no pics of the portrait on the building? That’s almost as interesting as your thrift-score sweaters!

Well, we here at the hAMImono main offices aim to please, so here is the aforementioned official sign/portrait:

Don't Worry! We aim to please! You aim too, please!

Don't worry, the Iwata Shop will recycle anything!

Sign says: Anshin desu. Benriya desu. Nandemo katazukemasu.
Iwata-ya Tel 402-6848
Translation: Don’t worry. This is a convenient shop. We will take absolutely anything off your hands.
Iwata Shop Tel 402-6848
Also, here is a pic of the whole place. looks like a junk pile but is actually a labyrinth of hidden treasures!
Iwataya Recycle Shop

Iwataya Recycle Shop

Again, thanks to reader Luneray for zeroing in on the heart of the previous posting and bringing this lapse to public attention. Her scrutiny has enhanced our lives.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. luneray
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 11:39:55

    Wow! That image so much better than I ever imagined!

    Thanks for the pic…and for the street shot, too. I’m a transportation engineer by trade and I’ve been puzzling over that guardrail placement all day. Is it a one-way street with traffic traveling from the left of the picture to the right? Traffic traveling from right of the picture to the left? I’m guessing there’s no curb or sidewalk. How fast does traffic go on that street? It was kind of slow day over in Luneray land, and at least obsessing over guardrail is technically work related. But not as fun as knitting.


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