Cavorting with Clapotis-san

My long-delayed appointment with Mr. Clapotis has come to fruition! Inspiration was finding just the right yarn, in this case Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in the  Leaf/Gold colorway.  The characteristic stitch drops with this smooth, slippy yarn were, as they say, “like buttah!”  Used #5 Addi circular lace needles. I was glad that I checked on Ravelry to get tips because two very good ones made the process and result much better for me. The first was to avoid the many annoying stitchmarkers with a simple hack: purl, rather than knit, the periodic stitch to be dropped. It is entirely clear which stitch to drop and, heck, purl stitches drop just like knit stitches, don’t they? The second was a technique for sharpening up the column edges: knit though the back loops of stitches just before and just after the stitches to be dropped (and also purl through the back loops on the purl rows). It tightens the stitches to give a good crisp line.

What do you think of the results?

Clap Close-up


Clap Hanging




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