Early Knits

I’ve used lots of little projects to teach myself the basics of knitting. Some came out OK. Some were in the what-was-I-thinking category! Oh well, for a process knitter, no project is completely a waste of time . . .I started knitting to relieve stress during a family health crisis. It wasn’t going to help anybody for me to drink or do drugs or stress out so . . . I started knitting. It was very therapeutic and I got hooked. All is well now but I’m still knittin’ away.  Cast On’s wonderful Brenda Dayne hates it when people tritely say that knitting is the new yoga because, hey, maybe yoga is the new knitting! I can see that. Why take away from knitting? Why does it have to be the “new” anything? BUT, as a yoga instructor, I will say that both serve the same function for me: concentration, deep breathing, being “in the zone.” They feel really similar. . . to me, but I can see why that wouldn’t be true for some people.

So, my first projects: 

The Ugliest hat in the World #1 The Ugliest-Hat-in-the-world. This was my first knitting project. Yes, it does LOOK like a hat. It looks ok in this pic. What you don’t know is a) it is HUUUGE. No one has such a big head. b) very ugly, mushy, acrylic yarn c) unshrinkable and shapeless and, most importantly,  did I say that the yarn has a strange stinky smell to it? My partner never wore it.  Nor I.  Not once.  Need I say more?


Soon after, I made some socks. Got a basic pattern fron the internet, learned how to turn a heel on top-down socks on DPNs and Kitchener the toe. They came out great for a newbie! (Bad pic, these are two socks)

Ug sweater

Project Number 2 (or 3?) was an exercise in knitting a long swath in garter stitch, winding it around my body, then mattress stitching up the spiral. What was I thinking? Would I wear such a thing? Over one shoulder, yet. (Ran out of yarn 🙂 ) Well, I would but I won’t  . . . if you understand that. No one here will gay-bash anyone for MOAF (Male Overly Arty Fashion) but . . . there are limits, even for artful me.

Next was a whole series of diagonally-stitched baby blankets that I knit for friends and charity. Taught me that I like the repetitive process, do mix it up a bit, and continue to always have one of these going along.  

Next, I wanted to learn about cables. I swatched and created a simple cable scarf. Next cable project? Will cast on the subtle cable sweater from Knitting With Balls soon.


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