Knit Fits

Was there ever a moment where your knitting was a liability? I’m very curious about whether people have ever had the experience of being punished/admonished/restricted/bullied/attacked/harassed or stigmatized regarding their knitting. I know that Marly of Yarn Thing spoke of being made redundant at least partially because she was knitting (crocheting?) during a meeting. I knit during faculty meetings (and am so thankful to have it . . . interminable procedural meetings+after lunch+in Japanese= yawn!) and in some classes, but was bitched out by an actor once for knitting during a rehearsal (late in the process and it was part of a costume!). 

So, add your tale of woolly woe to this page. All you public knitters: ever been accosted by an ignorant fibre hooligan? You non-yarn-related company workers: ever told to put the sticks away . . . or worse? Anyone have a spouse or SigOth or other family member that is not knit-friendly?

Another aspect of this is, have you ever had to hide the extent of your knitting? Like, you’ve maxed out the credit card on yarn? Did Mama go ballistic? Or the person is threatened by your knitting time/focus/activities/knitfriends? (“You’re going on too many ‘knit retreats’ with that Knitters With Balls group!!”) Oh, oh, oh has anyone ever had a relationship actually terminate because of knit/crochet (“It’s the stash or me!”)? Actually, Crazy Aunt Purl may have something to say about this . . .

C’mon you obsessive string pickers (or throwers, as the case may be), GIVE. It can’t all be happy-KAL/CAL- singing-Kumbaya-with-the-muggles-in-the-park 24/7! 


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