Moving on UFOs

May 4, 2008- Determined to finish the Gedifra diagonal lace scarf (more than half done). With only a six row repeat, it’s good process knitting for me but I’m eager to block it to see how the diagonal yarnovers open up. Maybe they won’t show up as well as I would like because 1) yarn pattern is a bit busy and 2) despite large needles (US Eight) yarn is thick for this pattern. I’m hoping for the stitch definition to save all when blocked out. Probably will have to frog back one repeat because I clearly skipped a row: the wrong side is showing on the right side. Lazyass me, I considered either leaving it as a “midscarf accent” but I critically eyed it from a few feet away and decided it just looked undeniably sloppy.  This yarn has been ripped a bit as I completely frogged it out of a messy shawl I begat in my newb-infancy.  Actually, I have several projects stashed away like that from long ago that either need to be ripped or refurbished or rethought. Hmmm.  

Want to move on to finishing Tsuchigusa (Earth and Turf) as it is more than half finished and I really enjoy knitting the combination of fingerweight mohair (Filamenta di Crosa Italian yarn) with Sean Sheep grassy funfur. I know, funfur. . . heresy, heresy! But, what can I say? I likes what I likes! I have to admit that I like experimenting with what can be construed as yarn. That has included strange stinky recycled yarns, shredded plastic bags, shredded jeans, twine, wire, rubber tubing, susuki grass, newspaper, extension cords, and rope, among others. Obsessive creativity, much? Anyway, I’m hoping my dirty, grassy shawl will sway the doubters. It’s artsy enough that if my partner refuses to wear it (a possibility . . .) then I’ll debut it for the public. It’ll have to be late fall, and attending an art event, and dark.

After reading several accounts of Baby Surprise jacket knitters and their post knitting advice (especially David Demchuk’s in his blog Knit Like a Man and Guido’s laments in It’s a Purl, Man ), I’ve decided to study up ahead of time by getting Meg Swanson’s DVD (have done!). By visualizing each step in advance, maybe I’ll avoid some of the pitfalls of others and really enjoy each step of the process. 🙂