New Day, New FO, New News

OK, just got back from the dentist. Not so bad. I found a good one. In Japan, there is a hesitency to administer more than a minimum amount of anesthesia. Now, I don’t mind drilling, cleaning, shots, even extensive bone work. However, I HATE nerve pain! I may be a bit of a  hypochondriac but I am not a masochist! Give me that anesthetic. Lots of it. Numb me till I drool. Anyway, I made all this irritatingly clear to my new dentist and he and I have an understanding: he’ll give me a double dose of the elephant tranquilizer and I won’t pitch a loud, embarrassing, shit fit in the dental chair (and he knows that I’m the type who will) Yes, I think that’s a fair exchange . . .

Stayed up late last night (like every night this summer) and finished the Ariel Scarf Turned Ariel Hat. I’m calling it the Ariel Mermaid Hat or the “Poor Man’s Pomatomus,” a tribute to Cookie A’s magical and popular Pomatomus Socks that are fish-scaly and wonderful but a lot harder than this easy lace pattern. The hat came out pretty well, I think. and, yes, I will definitely make the matching scarf for it at some point. I was going to do a ribbing at the bottom of the hat but I like how the gentle curves of the pattern frame the face . . . kinda mermaid-like, no? Probably a good idea to omit the ribbing also because the top of the hat already is absorbing the curves from the other side so maybe forcing the curves into a straight line on the bottom as well would give too much pucker . . .) Here’s a pic or two of the hat:

Poor Man's Pomatomus

Ariel Mermaid Hat

Ariel Mermaid Hat, or The Poor Man's Pomatomus

Poor Pomatomus

Finally, good news: Alana from the new and very listenable Nevernotknitting knitting blog and podcast (on iTunes) has accepted my essay on early knitting traumas (See Knit Training page in this blog)! Yay! She will read it on the air in a few weeks (her show is every two weeks and there are some other entries as well . . .). Will note here when she will air it when I find out.

Now to BSJ and my new Shadow Cables Winter Room Throw.