A Quiet Children’s Day

May 5, 2008- Yay! Today is Kodomo no hi- Children’s Day! National holiday=no school. Everyone gone. Quiet house. I knit all day in pajamas, drinking wheat tea and eating mochi. Finished Gedifra scarf (see photo in margin- will block tomorrow if it isn’t raining). Worked a bit on Tsuchigusa. Found cool project at Craftster: explains how to spin newspaper into a knitable “yarn”! I wanna try their technique. 🙂 I’m thinking, too, that to cut the paper thinly in z’s up and down will avoid all that joining in of small pieces. Lots of possible applications on stage . . . (costumes, set pieces, etc.)

On the other hand, if I get a drop spindle, will I not be selecting that first seductive step down the slimy, steaming, sloping path that sucks one inexorably into the Sinister Slough of Spinning? Arghhhhhhhh!!