OK, Cotton N Bamboo for Me

Knit Picks Victorian Summer YarnsApril 28, 2008- Just saw the new inexpensive sampler of skeins from Knit Picks’ stock and new light-weight summer yarns, including sample patterns for each. I have to admit that most of my projects have tended toward the wool/soy/alpaca side. Too warm for hot weather. Today, I ordered the Victorian hues (muted) and splurged on a few more lengths of the Harmony options cables. LOVE the rainbow-wood Harmony interchangeable needle sets!¬†Pointy, hard, easy on the eyes. I’ve always used bamboo needles and like the feel of wood but wanted that pointy tip for lace. Now I can have it all!. Because I go between Japanese, European, and US patterns and needles, my tip for keeping things straight needles-wise is that, as soon as get a new set of needles, I have written on the shaft (in indelible ink) the Japanese size, mm, and US size. That way I’m always good to go.